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Enough is Enough

Australia is a free and fair country. But for how long?

Calvary Hospital began operating in 1979, invited by the Commonwealth Government (1971).

It has operated for 44 years and has 76 years left on its 120-year lease.

The ACT Government will pass legislation in order to compulsorily acquire both the buildings and land of Calvary Hospital. They aim to build a new public hospital, estimated to be $1B.

This is madness. Consider three things:

Nobody should be dispossessed of their land and property without consultation. The ACT Government is doing exactly this – contravening lawful property rights.

Why would the ACT Government run a second hospital when it is incompetent at running its current hospital? Read the 2019 Independent Review.

Who is next? What other faith groups, welfare agencies, educational institutions, and community organisations are in the ACT Government Gun? When will the trigger be pulled?

The ACT Standing Committee Health Report (10 April 2023) notes that neither the Canberra Public Hospital or Calvary Public Hospital perform abortions (except in exceptional circumstances).

Yet the Report accuses Calvary of restricting ‘medical services’ ‘due to an overriding religious ethos.’

Enough is enough.

Stand up. Sign the petition to protect Australia.


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  1. David Pergamon

    The proposed compulsory acquisition of Calvary Hospital by the ACT government is tantamount to state-sanctioned religious
    persecution and oppression.

    It is a national disgrace and the Federal Goverment must put an immediate stop to it.

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