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ACT Government acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital Bruce

The below statement is attributed to Martin Bowles, Calvary National CEO:

Calvary is extremely disappointed in the ACT Government’s unexpected and unilateral decision to introduce legislation that effectively dissolves our partnership on public health delivery in the Territory.

For 44 years Calvary has been a trusted local healthcare provider and we thank our staff, who deliver exceptional, compassionate health care daily and without judgement. Calvary was absolutely committed to the remaining 76 years of our contract in the ACT.

To date, Calvary has been an active participant in discussions with the ACT Government, including being committed to operating the new hospital and we reject the Chief Minister’s position that Calvary’s proposal prevents the delivery of a publicly owned hospital that provides an accessible, accountable and sustainable health system in the Territory.

Calvary will continue to provide uninterrupted, quality care to the people of Canberra, while currently considering the ACT Government’s decision and next steps. In the meantime, our priority is the wellbeing of our 1800 employees at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, who have not been consulted at all about the potential ramifications of this decision.

Unsurprisingly, this announcement is distressing for them and we will support them through the next steps and aid their understanding of the options available to them.

Calvary is committed to remaining part of the Territory’s healthcare system and providing the effective and efficient care that we are known for by the community.


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