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To the Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly:

We are extremely concerned at the announcement that the ACT Government intends to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital.

Catholic hospitals have faithfully served the community for 170 years. They treat more than 1.5 million patients yearly, or three patients every minute.

The actions by the ACT government are an abuse of property rights and religious freedom.

We are concerned especially that:

  • The legislation was drafted and tabled without any consultation with Calvary Hospital, management, staff or patients.
  • The proposed timeframe demonstrates a complete unwillingness on the part of the ACT Government to dialogue with its citizens,
  • The ACT government does not have the competency to run a second hospital, as it is already struggling to provide adequate services at the Canberra Hospital.
  • The government will target other faith, welfare and community groups without consultation. The signatories to this petition have a variety of religious beliefs and value the work of Calvary Hospital under its current management.

We petition you, Members of the Legislative Assembly, to reject any attempts – legislative or otherwise – by the ACT Government to acquire Calvary Hospital.

How do you justify the compulsory acquisition of a functioning and well run hospital without public debate, and have the face to bill this as a “new hospital”?

What will be the cost to the tax payer of acquiring the hospital and breaking existing contracts?

So will the ACT Government bring all their hospital management skills? Longer waiting lists? Overcrowded Emergency department?

Partnership with the community… excluding the Church community

Hopefully there will be enough doctors and nurses.

If they can take over a hospital what business is next? Better invest some where else.

I’m an Australian living in Perth since 2012. I’m a practicing Catholic from India who migrated to Australia following my childhood dream of the beautiful Western life. It makes me wonder whether I’ve made the right choice as I didn’t expect to see all this happening over here. Christians/Catholics are being persecuted in every sphere of life. Let goodness prevail amongst our Leaders.

Don’t stay silent. They are relying on people being too intimidated to speak up. SPEAK UP.

I have two different neighbours in tears at the moment telling me what happened to them at the Canberra Hospital. When I first moved to Canberra someone told me, “If in pain. Get on a plane.”

Proposal by the ACT government is discriminatory and disrespectful. It must be prevented at all costs. Terrible news that this proposal is even possible, fundamentally not right, potentially hindering future private development other than ACT Government funded or initiated.

The proposed annexation of Calvary Hospital represents the kind of actions you expect from a tyrant in North Korea or China – this is Australia – for heaven sake -leave them get on with their great work!

Signed. It is an outrage on the people’s rights. Why is the Canberra gov’t trying to railroad this matter by going about it without the people’s knowledge? Come on, be transparent and show your true colour. We are in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

I’m a nsw resident and extremely alarmed and disgusted at this unwillingness to engage with and/or ignore the community concerns in this matter

Save Calvary hospital! of course, as long as we have as much consultation as the referendum on the voice…. totally unaustralian! disappointing and divisive..

Signed. A despicable attack.

Thank you, Archbishop Christopher. I have recently had long and distressing personal experience of the muddle and mess at Canberra Hospital in Woden, in spite of the skill and care of patients given there by hard-working staff. My experience of Calvary Hospital, by contrast, has been very positive.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it. If it aint woke, don’t nix it.

A dear elderly friend of our family became extremely ill and needed hospitalisation. His wish and that of the family was to be cared for by the Best at Calvary Hospital. He wasn’t a Catholic so the family thought they had no hope of him being cared for by the wonderful staff of that Hospital.

But of course it made no difference and he was admitted immediately. A week later he passed away a very happy man. The love and care he and his family received was beyond expectation. this action must be withdrawn today. If they fail massive social action be taken immediately against the ACT government. Also the FEDERAL government must take action o they will have action taken against them too.

Years of Service in ACT
Calvary Staff


Why should I be concerned?

Without consultation, the ACT Government is trying to ram through a bill that would allow this land-and-assets grab to occur as soon as 3 July 2023.

Is it about better medical service?

The ACT Governments track record in the area of health is concerning.  An independent review in March 2019, was scathing of the culture and practices of Canberra Hospital.

Is the compulsory acquisition provide a better financial outcome?

The answer must be clearly no; the Calvary system built a new Private Hospital in Adelaide with 342 beds for 350 million, and the government said they’re going to build a hospital here for a billion. So they’ll be far better off saving 500 million by letting Calvary build the hospital and spend half a billion dollars on other services in Canberra.

Is religious discrimination at play here?

Yes, that’s a possibility. They’re accusing Calvary of their medical services being too religious. We know that the Calvary Hospital and the Government Public Hospital do not perform abortions.

Who could be next?

Claire Holland House? What about the Canberra Race Club? What about the Independent Schools? Which state is next, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales?

What does the law say about the Calvary takeover?
  • Allows the ACT Government, without dialogue, consultation or political process, to compulsory acquire Calvary Hospital, including all physical assets, existing trusts, partnerships, intellectual property and more. This, arguably, extends beyond the powers of a Territory Government, especially considering it is a unilateral decision without adherence to basic democratic principles;
  • Prevents any recourse or compensation concerning breaking the existing 76 year contract;
  • Redefines the land rights provided through the Crown Lease system, providing the groundwork for acquisition, and therefore uncertainty of ownership, of any other Crown Lease held land across our community;

Save Calvary Hospital

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